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All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

Kate Spade Silk Dress, Zara Mirror Clutch, Jimmy Choo Abel SIlver Metallic Heels, Ily Couture Crystal Necklace

Kate Spade Silk Dress, Zara Mirror Clutch, Jimmy Choo Abel SIlver Metallic Heels, Ily Couture Crystal Necklace

Kate Spade Silk Dress, Zara Mirror Clutch, Jimmy Choo Abel SIlver Metallic Heels, Ily Couture Crystal Necklace

Kate Spade Silk Dress, Zara Mirror Clutch, Jimmy Choo Abel SIlver Metallic Heels, Ily Couture Crystal Necklace

Kate Spade Silk Dress, Zara Mirror Clutch, Jimmy Choo Abel SIlver Metallic Heels, Ily Couture Crystal Necklace

Dress: Kate Spade (similar with sleeves). Neckalce: Ily Couture (c/o). Clutch: Zara. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Sunglasses: Gucci. Rings: Shopbop, Stella & Dot.


Funny story . . . I bought this gorgeous raspberry silk Kate Spade dress the week before New York Fashion Week.  As soon as I spotted it on the sale rack at Nordstrom and noticed that the only dress left happened to be in my size, I knew this stunner was meant to be in my closet.  I instantly decided that it would be perfect to wear to the Herve Leger runway show during NYFW.


We had priority standing room tickets to the Herve Leger show, so Gaby and I got all dolled up and rushed to get to the show early to ensure we were first in line to get the good standing room spots.  After waiting about 30 minutes in the very crowded space just outside of the theatre, they finally opened the doors.  We noticed that the four ladies in front of us were taking a long time to get their tickets scanned, and as we eavesdropped we heard that the usher was saying that their tickets to the show had already been used.  She denied them entry and said they would have to go back to the registration desk to figure it out.  I remember thinking, “Ooh, that sucks” and “Thank goodness that’s not us.”


As Gaby handed the usher her ticket, we heard the devastating words, “I’m sorry but your tickets have already been used.”  WHAT!?!?  I butted in and said, “Here, try mine” and quickly got the, “Sorry Miss, it’s been used.”  Punched in the face with panic and disappointment, we ran back to the registration desk, got new tickets and ran back to the theatre, but deep down we already knew how this was going to play out.  They kept us corralled outside of the theatre for about 25 more minutes, then we heard the door man yell in a booming voice, “Doors closed, sorry, but no one else is getting in.”  Sigh.


We went through the five stages of grief in a period of about four minutes.  Denial (“No, they didn’t really shut the doors, did they?! It must be a mistake.”), Anger (“What the heck, we came all the way from Toronto for this.”), Bargaining (“Let’s call the PR company to see if they can come out and let us in.”), Depression (“This sucks, we came all this way, got all dressed up and can’t even see the show.”) and finally Acceptance (Hey, you know what, we’re not going to let this ruin our trip.  Let’s laugh it off and end the day on a high note…with cupcakes!”).  So instead, we went outside, took some outfit photos and people watched for a while.  We saw many well known bloggers, and two of my favorite magazine ladies, Nina Garcia and Joanna Coles.  Then of course, we ate lots and lots of cupcakes.


Even though we were a little bummed that we didn’t get to see the Herve Leger show, we ended up having such a fantastic day and hey, now we have an interesting story to tell.


P.S. There are still 2 more days to enter to win this stunning Ily Couture necklace that I’m wearing in these photos.  Click here to enter.




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The Calm Before the Storm

Cobalt Blue Full Midi Skirt

Cobalt Blue Chanel Easy Caviar Jumbo

Cobalt Blue Full Midi Skirt

Skirt: Aritzia (similar). Top: Zara. Shoes: Joan & David (love this pony print too). Watch: Michael Kors. Bracelets: Forever 21, BCBG, J.Crew. Handbag: Chanel. Sunglasses: Chanel.


I love summer storms.  Well, I should say I love summer storms in my hometown.  My hometown gets the most incredible lightening and thunder storms.  The skies turn the most gorgeous shades of pinks, purples and greens, and the lightening is so bright that it literally lights up the entire sky.


Yet only 4 hours from my hometown, Toronto gets dark and nasty rain storms, nothing like those of where I grew up.  The storms here are gloomy and grey instead of pretty and colourful.  These outfit photos were taken last night after work, just as a terrible storm was brewing in our City.  I hope everyone made it through the disastrous flooding that hit Toronto last night, and here’s hoping for a safe and rain free rest of summer!


P.S. I’m linking up today with Lauren from Style Elixir for her weekly Style Sessions.




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White Kicks

White Converse Chuck Taylor's

Club Monaco Tamia Striped Blazer

Club Monaco Black & White Striped Tamia Jacket

Crazy Style Love - Canadian Fashion Blog

Converse White Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Jacket: Club Monaco. Peplum Top: Zara (similar). Jeans: H&M. Shoes: Converse (thanks to JD Sports!). Handbag: Balenciaga. Sunglasses: Chanel. Rings: BCBG, Stella & Dot.


This outfit incorporates several new summer favorites in my wardrobe.


1. Converse Chuck Taylor’s:  A staple in my childhood, teenage years, and twenties, I’ve owned the Converse Chuck Taylor’s in every colour in the rainbow.  Now in my 30′s, classic white is perfect for my current style.


2. Club Monaco Jacket:  I absolutely adore the shape of this jacket.  With black and white match-with-everything stripes, I know I will get a ton of wear out of this great piece.


3. Chanel Sunglasses:  A little retro, and a whole lotta fun, it was love at first sight with these Chanel shades. These will definitely be my summer sunglasses of choice.




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