Biotherm Aquasource Valentine’s Day Event

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Biotherm Aquasource and Olivia Mew


I have struggled with problematic skin my entire adult (and teenage) life.  Dryness, oil, break-outs, flakes, blotchiness, wrinkles, you name it, I struggle with it.  I’m constantly on the hunt for remarkable products that can control the craziness that is my skin.  When I had the opportunity to try out the Biotherm Aquasource collection, I jumped at the chance.


Biotherm Aquasource and Olivia Mew


Biotherm uses aquatic active ingredients in it’s Aquasource line, which is proven to have the remarkable ability to regenerate, repair and protect your skin.  I’ve only been using these products for a few days but I can tell you that my first impression is pretty wonderful.  I love the texture and smell of the entire collection, and love how hydrated and smooth my skin feels after application.  I’m really excited to continue using these products and I’ll be sure to update you with my review of the collection in a few weeks.


The Biotherm Aquasource products I tried were:

Aquasource Moisturizer:  this deep hydration replenishing gel is Biotherm’s iconic moisturizer that treats your skin with long-lasting hydration.

Aquasource Deep Serum:  a deep moisture and light concentrate that leaves skin deeply bound with water . . . plump, fresh and silky.

Aquasource Night:  a high density hydrating jelly that hydrates, reinforces and retains moisture overnight.

Aquasource BB Cream:  an instant beautifying moisturizer that provides seven different benefits of deep hydration.


I also tried two of the Biotherm Biosource products, which I just loved!  They were:

Biosource Exfoliating Gel:  gently buffs away dead skin cells, preparing skin for hydration.

Biosource Toning Lotion: more than a simple toner, this works as an exfoliant, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells, revealing its ntaural radiance.


Biotherm Aquasource and Olivia Mew


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Biotherm has partnered with Olivia Mew, a talented Canadian Artist, to create six original illustrations for its Aquasource collection.  For those of you ladies living in the Toronto area, Biotherm is holding a fun event this Friday, February 14 at Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street from 12pm to 7pm.  You have the opportunity to meet Olivia Mew in person and get your own custom illustrated postcard and Biotherm Aquasource sample.  If you live outside of Toronto, the Olivia Mew x Biotherm Valetine’s postcards are available at Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada with the purchase of any Biotherm product.


All of you also have the chance to win Biotherm skincare products by participating in their Twitter and Instagram contest launching today.  Check out their social feeds for details and to discover more!


Biotherm Aquasource Olivia Mew



  • Rosie von Waldherr
    February 10, 2014

    I think I’ll try to get my hands on the serum!! I’ve been needing a serum for my dehydrated skin and you just gave me the solution!

    Rosie’s Life

    • Jenny
      February 10, 2014

      Awesome! I love how the Biotherm serum feels on my skin.