A Peony Party

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 12 0

Peony Party with Pink The Town


When you see an Instagram photo from Pink The Town showing that they are hosting a Peony Party, you immediately click through to buy your tickets.  Well, at least that’s what I did.  I mean, come on . . . a Peony Party!?!?  How could I say no?!


Last night I had the girly pleasure of attending said Peony Party.  It was more prettiness than I could have hoped for.  Along with my peony-loving girlfriends Gaby and Steph, we learned some wonderful tips and tricks of flower arranging from Lisa, the owner of a gorgeous floral shop called Sweet Woodruff, and then had the opportunity to create our own peony masterpieces (which we got to take home with us).


The party was held at a beautiful store called Bicyclette Boutique.  It took so much will power on my part not to buy everything in their store.  We snacked on delicious (and beautiful) macarons and cupcakes from Le Dolci.  It was such a pretty and fun night, and I wish I could do this on a weekly basis.  If you’re in the Toronto area, definitely check out Pink The Town for their fabulous workshops and events.  They’ve put out a teaser that their next event will involve learning calligraphy, so you can bet that I’ll be the first in line to buy tickets for that too.  I hope you enjoy these photos!


 Peony Party with Sweet Woodruff

Peony Party with Pink the Town

Le Dolci Cupcakes

Peony Party

Pink Peonies, Spray Roses

The Vault Files and Crazy Style Love

Le Dolci Flower Cupcakes

SS Print Shop Stop and Smell the Peonies

Pink Peonies