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Wednesday, March 11, 2015 2 0

Mogo Prepaid Visa Credit Card


A few weeks ago, I posted about online Valentine shopping with Mogo, a Prepaid Visa Credit Card. Well, I’m super excited to partner with Mogo for one more post, to share with you how I use my Mogo Card during a usual day about town. Since Mogo has no service fees, it’s accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, and I don’t have to worry about carrying a balance or having to pay monthly interest, it’s an easy and convenient method of payment for those of us who want to avoid credit card aftershock.


(Side note: the cards pictured in these photos were sample cards Mogo provided for photographing. I did not photograph my real card in order to keep my number safe and secure.)


Mogo Prepaid Visa Credit Card

Starting the day with a warm cup of tea.


The Westerly Toronto

Quickly followed by a delicious brunch of Creme Brulee French Toast, and Eggs Benedict at The Westerly.


Chapters Indigo Pillows

Shopping for these beautiful pillows at Indigo. I picked up the striped pillow on the bottom left.



Next stop was J.Crew, where I purchased these summer sandals, perfect for when the warm weather finally arrives.


Colette Grand Cafe Toronto

A quick stop at one of my favourite Cafes in town, Colette, to grab some Amaretti cookies.



Ending the day with pretty shades of purple (the flowers I picked up earlier in the day.)




Thank you to Mogo for sponsoring this post.