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My name is Jenny, and I’m a girly-girl with a penchant for all things pretty.  Crazy Style Love is where I share my personal style and all things that I love.  I’m a career woman, loving big city life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I believe that 9 to 5 dressing doesn’t have to be boring, and after-work cocktail attire or weekend wear can easily be chic and pulled together.  I work in Marketing, so I have some creative freedom when it comes to dressing for the office, which I certainly take full advantage of.  My style is classic feminine, and my wardrobe is full of pretty prints, bright colors, and one too many pairs of shoes.   I’m a regular woman with a regular career, body and budget.  I wasn’t blessed with mile long legs, poreless skin or chiseled cheek bones, but I do have a confident sense of style.


I firmly believe in Carrie’s quote from Sex and the City, “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”  This then leads to another Carrie quote, “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”


A few of my favourite things (in no particular order, but family does come first) are:  my family, shopping, berry mojitos, chocolate, Instagram, fashion blogs, French macarons, reading, Los Angeles, Pride & Prejudice (the book and the BBC mini-series), cupcakes, Pinterest, coffee table books, eating, NYC, Häagen-Dazs Pralines & Cream ice cream, traveling, guacamole, and laughing with Justin, my partner in love and life.



  • I style and wear (in my everyday life) ALL outfits posted on this blog.
  • My integrity and honesty are of the utmost importance.  My opinions and posts are 100% my own, and are not in any way externally influenced.
  • I only partner with brands that I truly love, believe in and would recommend whole heartedly.
  • I only feature gifted items that I have personally selected, and that I would have purchased with my hard-earned money.  All gifted items will always be labeled with (thanks to), (courtesy of) or (c/o).
  • I use affiliate programs such as rewardStyle and ShopSense to earn a (very) small commission on items that you purchase after clicking on a link.  All money earned through these commissions is put back into the blog, either for paying for website hosting fees, or to purchase giveaways to thank all of you for visiting and reading.


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