The Finer Things in Life with Monica Rich Kosann

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As is with many people, the older I grow, or should I say, the more “mature” I grow, the more I appreciate the finer things in life.  I used to say that the only piece of “real”, aka “fine” jewelry I would own would be my wedding ring, and I was okay with just owning costume jewelry.  However, as I grow and my tastes change, I look back and wonder, “What the heck was I thinking?!”.


As I’m exposed to more and more fine jewelry, I’ve come to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship, gorgeous stones, and lasting quality that I’ll be able to pass down to future generations of my family. Sometime ago, I was perusing the J.Crew website and came across this stunning locket by Monica Rich Kosann.  I was intrigued by the brand, and went to her website to learn a little more about her jewelry.  I instantly fell in love with her designs, story and brand.


I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Monica Rich Kosann to borrow a few of her stunning pieces to photograph for this post.  Her pieces are sold exclusively at Royal de Versailles in Toronto, but sold in many locations across North America, and let me tell you, it was an exciting day when I headed into their beautiful store to select the jewelry to photograph.  But, returning to the store to give the jewelry back was not so exciting.  I wanted to keep it all!




I was lucky enough to be gifted a truly gorgeous piece from her collection, this Petite Initial Locket with a Cognac Mother of Pearl stone on one side, and my initial ‘J’ on the other.  When it came time to select the photos for the locket, I quickly realized that I don’t have nearly as many photos of Justin and my family as I thought.  The photos below were the only two photos I had, and it has definitely motivated me to take more photographs of my loved ones.




The Monica Rich Kosann website has a really neat feature that allows you to upload your photographs for your locket and size them to your preference.  Then, you will receive your locket with the photos already in place.



(Rectangular Pocketwatch Key Necklace)


Monica Rich Kosann began her career as a photographer, and utilized her skill for capturing and creating beauty into her designs of jewelry and home accessories.  I absolutely love her quote where she says that her “one driving question” when she designs a piece of jewelry is “Can a woman give this piece to her daughter in 20 years?”.



(Marilyn Link Bracelet)


Only the most talented artisans and jewelers in the world bring her collections to life.  Superior craftsmanship brings incredible levels of detail to each and every piece, guaranteeing the highest level of workmanship and technical innovation.



(Rectangular Locket,  Oval Pocketwatch NecklacePetite Initial Locket)


Monica Rich Kosann also has Home Accessories and Gift collections, including beautiful frames, albums and image cases.  The highest level of craftsmanship and materials goes into the design and creation of these pieces as well.



(‘Dream’ Poesy Ring Neckalce and ‘Strength’ Sapphire Poesy Ring Necklace on one chain)


I’m hosting a dinner tonight for Monica Rich Kosann and some very special bloggers, magazine editors and stylists, at one of my favourite restaurants, Colette Grand Café.  I’ll be sharing some photos on Instagram, so please join us and follow along!





Friday Loves: Tattoos, Healthy Snacks, Clean Skin and More

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TGIF!  It’s the end of the week, which means the second edition of Friday Loves.  Here are 5 things that I’m loving right now.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


1.  Hartland Brooklyn Temporary Tattoos.  I came across these adorable Hartland Brooklyn temporary tattoos while shopping at a local boutique.  Playful and sweet, I couldn’t resist buying the ice cream and donut set, and also the summer fruit pack.  Way too cute, and a fun accessory for a day at the beach.





2.  Munch Better Snack Delivery.  I first discovered Munch Better on Instagram, and was immediately in love with the concept.  It’s a snack subscription service, delivering 5 to 8 hand-picked healthy snacks to your door each month.  Justin and I struggle to find convenient snacks that are preservative and chemical free, and this is a great way for us to be introduced to high quality, healthy new products.


I’ve seen a few similar services on the market, but what really stands Munch Better apart from the others for me is that each snack is hand picked (and taste tested) by  co-founders Amanda and Erin, both professionals in the health food world.  I love this concept so much that I’ve partnered with them to give away next month’s box to one lucky lady on Instagram.  The contest is running today on my Instagram (starting around 10am until 9pm), and is open to all Canadians.





3.  ASOS Floral Trench Coat.  I ordered this gorgeous ASOS floral trench coat a few weeks back, and love the print so much that I’ve actually had it on display in my condo.  I am in no way hoping for Fall to arrive (since I want Summer to last forever), but I’ll continue to admire this beauty on my wall until the cold weather hits and I can finally wear it.  Finding this trench lead me to discover ASOS Salon, a beautiful collection by ASOS full of ultra feminine prints, silhouettes and fabrics.  I just love every single piece.





4.  Clarisonic.  I am a huge fan of the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.  I wrote a blog post last year when I first discovered the system, and have been a loyal user ever since.  This past Christmas I was visiting my parents for the weekend, and my Mom wanted to try my Clarisonic.  I had a new brush head with me, so I let her try it out, and she was instantly hooked.  I ended up giving my Clarisonic to my Mother (I know, I’m such a great daughter), but I only just recently picked up another one for myself.  After going several months without it, I feel like I’m rediscovering it for the first time, and can’t believe I went so long without using this little miracle worker.





5. BaubleBar x Nordstrom Jewelry.  When a package marked with a BaubleBar label arrives at my door, I drop whatever I’m doing to rip open the box.  I oohed and aahed with girly excitement as I pulled each of these beauties out from the pillows of tissue paper.  I was lucky to be gifted these 5 sparkly pieces from the BaubleBar x Nordstrom collection, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since.  I’ll be heading to a Nordstrom this weekend, and can’t wait to check out the rest of the collection.







Out and About: A Tea Party at Blush

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Yesterday I mentioned that Gaby and I had the pleasure of attending the most lovely Tea Party this past Sunday at the cutest shop I’ve ever been to, Blush.  You may already be familiar with Blush from their absolutely beautiful Instagram feed (and if you’re not, you need to follow asap, trust me, you’ll love it).


Michele, the owner, is as sweet as she is stylish, and has created a gorgeous girly space that I just want to live in. Below are some pics from her fabulous event and store.  Most of the items pictured below are also available at Blush’s online store.  I hope you enjoy all of the girly glamour as much as I did!