Fun with RITZ

Thursday, December 8, 2016 2 0

Goat Cheese, Apple, Balsamic Drizzle RITZ Crackers

Brunch with my Besties: RITZ Crackers topped with Goat Cheese, Apple, & Balsamic Drizzle


Tomato, Avocado, Cilantro Ritz Crackers

Black Friday online shopping fuel: Avocado, Tomato & Cilantro RITZ Crackers


Chocolate Covered RITZ Crackers with Peppermint Chips

Santa’s Special Treat: Chocolate Dipped RITZ Crackers with Crushed Candy Cane


Some of you may have seen these yummy photos on my Instagram over the last couple of weeks. I was so excited to partner with RITZ Crackers to create three delicious recipes to celebrate life’s rich moments! RITZ Crackers have been a staple in my home since I was a child, so I had a blast coming up with new ways to enjoy them.


I loved all three recipes I created, but the Chocolate Dipped RITZ with Crushed Candy Cane were by far my favorite. My instinct has always been to go the savory route with crackers, but I really wanted something for dessert, so I tried RITZ with a drop of chocolate. As soon as it hit my tongue, I knew it was a winner. Adding the candy cane really took it to the next level. Hope you enjoy!




The Best Berry Moscow Mule Recipe

Monday, November 14, 2016 4 0

Mixed Berry Moscow Mule Recipe

Mixed Berry Moscow Mule Recipe

Lily & Val Moscow Mule Print

Ingredients for a Berry Moscow Mule

Mixed Berry Moscow Mule Recipe

Mixed Berry Moscow Mule Recipe


Justin and I fell in love with Moscow Mules this past Summer. I’m not going to lie, I was first drawn to this drink because it’s traditionally served in a copper mug, and who doesn’t want to drink out of a cute copper mug?! If you haven’t tried one yet, I highly suggest you try this light and refreshing drink asap! I actually got the recipe from this beautiful Lily and Val print I picked up last year. And because I love berries on everything, I added a delicious twist with some muddled berries.


Fun fact…did you know that Ginger Beer is not actually beer?!?! Well, I didn’t! I went to the liquor store and asked for Ginger Beer, and they told me it’s non-alcoholic, and can be purchased at the grocery store (our grocery stores in Ontario don’t sell alcohol). So, if you want to make a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule mocktail, all you have to do is swap out the Vodka for Club Soda. So delish either way!



Vodka 37.5 ml (or Club Soda for a non-alcoholic version)

Ginger Beer

Lime Juice 25 ml

Mixed Berries




  1. Pour 37.5 ml of Vodka over ice
  2. Add 25 ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  3. Muddle berries and add to mug
  4. Top with Ginger Beer until cup is full
  5. Stir and add berries for garnish




Girls Night In with Palm Bay

Monday, September 12, 2016 4 0



I was recently interviewed for a magazine article, and one of the questions I was asked was, “When are you the happiest?”. Without hesitation, I answered, “When I’m with my loved ones.” Nothing brings me more joy in life than being with my family and friends. I’ll use any excuse to get together with my friends, so when Palm Bay asked me if I wanted to host a “Girls Night In” with my girls, I yelled “Sign me up!”.


We’re in the middle of redecorating our condo, sans designer, so I bribed my lovely gal pals, Victoria and Gaby, with some delicious apps, sweet treats, and yummy Palm Bay, to come on over for some girl time, in exchange for their fashionable opinions on how to decorate our place (decorating posts to come to the blog soon!). Haha, obviously, I didn’t really need to bribe them, but we’ll use any excuse to get together.


The yummy tropical flavour of Palm Bay’s new Pomegranate Hibiscus Cocktail inspired me to add a little tropical flair to our Girls Night In. Easy-to-make appetizers, fun music, and a bring-me-back-to-my-childhood ice cream bar rounded out our memorable afternoon.




Blueberry, Ricotta, Rosemary Crostini


Prosciutto, Melon, Bocconcini Skewers




Avocado Chili Melba Toast

Watermelon, Feta, Balsamic Pizza

DIY Ice Cream Bar

DIY Ice Cream Bar with Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Cherries


Palm Bay Girls Night In


Sources:  My dress  //  Hair by Cabello by Carolina  //  Pineapple shot glasses  //  Palm Print Pillow  //  Latte Bowls  //  Gold Flatware



  1. Watermelon, Feta, Basil, Blackberry, Balsamic Pizza
  2. Prosciutto, Melon, Bocconcini Skewers
  3. Grape Tomato, Basil, Bocconcini Skewers
  4. Blueberry, Rosemary, Ricotta on Ciabatta Bread
  5. Avocado, Lime, Sea Salt, Chili Pepper, Melba Toasts


Thank you to Gaby and Victoria for such a wonderful day. And a big thank you to Aylin for getting us all pretty and giving us our gorgeous beachy waves!




Thank you to Palm Bay for partnering on this fun post! Please remember to always drink responsibly.