This Is The Year…

Monday, January 7, 2013 154 0

Fur Collar

H & M Cape Sweater on Crazy Style Love

Balenciaga City

H&M Sweater

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Sweater, Jeans and Fur Collar: H&M. Boots: Aldo. Handbag: Balenciaga. Rings: Coach, Kate Spade. Watch: Michael Kors. Sunglasses: Chanel.


This is the year. . . to get healthy.  Well. . .for me to get healthy.  In past years I’ve set New Year’s resolutions only to lose sight (i.e. ditch them) by the third week in January.  I’ve always looked at them as something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do, but this year my outlook is much more positive and focused.


Getting fit and healthy is a pretty typical resolution on everyone and their mother’s list, but my wardrobe is actually begging me to shed a few pounds.  You see, I’m wearing the cape sweater in these photos for two reasons: 1. because it’s super comfy, cozy and warm, and 2. to hide the extra 12 lbs I’ve put on since the summer.  Now I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes while others have just dropped their jaws.  I’m in NO WAY saying that I’m overweight.  However, 12 extra pounds on someone my height and frame is significant…so much so that about half of my wardrobe no longer fits me.  I’m always wearing the same super stretchy H&M jeans because the 11 other pairs in my closet can’t make it up past my hips.  I haven’t worn any of my pencil skirts or slim fitting dresses in months, and even these lace pants I bought only 2 months ago are too tight, which leaves me with NOT ONE pair of dress pants that fit.  But the piece I’m most upset about not being able to squeeze into is this tropical print skirt. . .it’s just too pretty to be not worn!


Although my motives are mostly vain (yes, I will admit that), I’m also actually really out of shape.  I can’t do a push up and I get winded after climbing 1 flight of stairs (no, I’m not joking).  As I get older and my metabolism slows, I’m quickly realizing that if I don’t change my “sit-on-the-couch-eat-everything-in-sight” habits, that 12 extra pounds will soon turn into 20, then 25 and so on.  Hopefully putting this goal into writing and sharing it with you will keep me disciplined, focused and accountable.  You’ll know I’ve reached my goal once you see me wearing that pretty tropical skirt again.


So, today is Day 1 and this is The Year.  The year I will get healthy.  The year I will set a goal, and see it through until achievement.  The year to be happy, proactive and positive.  What is this year for you?  Did you set any New Year’s resolutions?  Do you have a similar goal to mine?