Glitter Tape DIY Gift Wrap

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DIY Gift Wrap with Glitter Washii Tape


I’m going to toot my own horn for a minute, and say that I’m actually a really good gift wrapper. I absolutely L-O-V-E wrapping presents, and have loved it for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school, I remember people always asking me to help them wrap presents when I was at their houses. My loved ones also always say that they look forward to my gift wrapping as much as they look forward to the actual present. So, when Seal-It reached out and asked if I wanted to get holiday crafty with their fabulous glitter tape, my first instinct was that it was the perfect item to get creative (and sparkly!) with to wrap my holiday gifts!


diy christmas presents


Supplies for this DIY are super simple to put together. The Seal-It Glitter Tape can be purchased online at, or at Shopper Drug Mart (in Canada), and I picked up all of the other holiday supplies at the dollar store! Cute little accents (such as bells, ornaments, faux greenery, garland, berries), ribbon, twine and candy canes can be added to the gifts for that extra wow factor.


diy christmas gift wrap


I made the adorable gift tags by layering rows of Seal-It glitter tape on card stock, then cutting out the desired shapes. I used the same technique to create the letter ‘J’ on the gift tag below.


glitter tape washi christmas gift wrap


To create the bow above, I took 2 strips of glitter tape and placed them sticky side to sticky side. Then I created an ‘O’ shape with the strip, pinched it in the middle to create the bow shape, then put a piece of tape around the middle. Super easy and cute!


christmas gift wrap diy

diy holiday gift wrap ideas

christmas present wrapping paper diy

washi tape gift tag diy

christmas wrapping paper diy inspiration


I LOVE the Seal-It Glitter Tape because the glitter never flakes off, and it can actually be torn with your hands…no scissors required! It can also be stuck to a number of different surfaces, but it’s not a heavy duty tape, so it can easily be removed. It’s perfect for crafts and DIY’s!



Thank you to Seal-It for sponsoring this post!

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Out and About: Anthropologie Summer Crafting

Friday, August 16, 2013 20 0

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Anthropologie’s Summer Craft Series hosted by the fabulous Gaby from The Vault Files.  Gaby created a beautiful Floral Notebook Cover DIY for the group to make.  The evening was full of pretty flowers, tasty treats and great company.  Here are a few snapshots of all of the ‘pretty’ of the night.  For the step-by-step DIY instructions, check out Gaby’s ‘Crafting with Anthropologie’ post.


Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

Anthropologie Summer Series Craft Workshop, DIY Floral Notebook Cover

{This is the notebook that I made!}




DIY Shoe Bows

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 160 1







Shoes: Boutique 9 with DIY Bows. Scarf: J.Crew. Coat: J.Crew. Handbag: Coach Penny Bag. Jeans: H&M. Sunglasses: ZeroUV.


Pretty heels with bows are a huge trend right now.  Just about every shoe brand has their own version in stores as we speak.  I bought the cutest pair from Nine West (seen here) and I’m really loving this Steven by Steve Madden version as well.  I was hesitant to buy too many pairs of bow pumps because I’m not sure if it’s a style that I will continue to love in the next few years.  So, when I was browsing through Michael’s, my favourite store for craft inspiration, and I came across these adorable over-sized bow hair accessories, I immediately started to think of ways that I could attach these to a pair of shoes.


Okay, technically this is a DIY because I did “do-it myself”, however, this has to be the most simple DIY ever.  All I did was take the pre-made bows and use my trusty Scotch Double Sided Tape to affix them to the shoes. . . done. . . super simple. . .easy peasy!  I spent some time trying to find the perfect clip to attach the bows to my shoes, similar to embellished shoe clips you can buy already made, however I was concerned that the clips would leave indentations on my shoes.  I opted for the Scotch Double Sided Tape because “I put that s*&% on everything!”  (Quick…first person to name the company who uses that slogan gets brownie points!)  Seriously though, I use Scotch tape on all types of fabrics, including silk.  The thought did pop into my mind that it might damage the patent leather, however, they were stuck securely in place all day, and were easily removed at night without the slightest mark left on the shoes.


The best part of this temporary DIY is that I can reuse the bows for other things as well.  I purchased the matching clips and I think I will next try to clip them to a pair of turquoise leather gloves for a cute, girly look.  Another option is to make your own bows, however, unless you have a ribbon cutter, the ends may start to fray.  I have a ribbon cutter on my wish list for the next time I have a coupon for Michael’s.


I hope everyone is having a great week so far, and I want to give all of you a huge cyber hug and thank you for your incredible support!