An Old Flame Never Dies

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 100 0


I’m so excited to be guest posting today for the lovely and super sweet Ani over at her blog Fleurani.  Ani created a series called “An Old Flame Never Dies” in which she and her guest bloggers must shop their closets to create outfits from pieces that are at least one year old.  Head over to Ani’s blog for more pictures and details of my “old” outfit.  Below are photos of Ani’s first two beautiful looks from her series.



Side note:  I would like to retract the comment I made two weeks ago in the post Kelly Green about the skirt I was wearing being the only green item in my wardrobe.  Well, ooops. . .I completely forgot about this mint green skirt I’ve had for years! For some reason, I don’t tend to think of mint as a shade of green.  I always group it with pastels.