Dixie Chick

Saturday, June 9, 2012 22 0

DRESS: Jacob (c/o). SHIRT: J.Crew. SHOES: Nine West. NECKLACE: Forever 21. SUNGLASSES: Chanel.


I had been eyeing this gingham dress from Jacob for about 2 weeks, when the very same day I was about to pull the trigger to purchase it, Jacob offered to let me select a piece from their new collection.  Sweet!  I am so in LOVE with gingham right now and adore it’s preppy feel.  This dress is sleeveless and really lightweight, which is perfect for layering.



Flamingo Encounter

Friday, June 8, 2012 44 0

TOP: Vero Moda. SKIRT: Club Monaco. BELT: Club Monaco. SHOES: Zara. HANDBAG: Gucci Pelham. SUNGLASSES: Chanel. WATCH: Michael Kors MK5160. BRACELETS: BCBG large links, Forever 21 small chains, J.Crew triple bangle.


A pair of flamingos lived at the resort we were vacationing at in the Dominican Republic last August.  I would visit my new little friends each day, just to sit and watch them in their colorful, graceful beauty.  One day I guess I got too close, and one of my so-called “friends” hissed, violently flapped its wings, and was ready to attack.  I screamed, ran in terror, and watched from a distance for the rest of the week.  Looking back, the encounter must have looked pretty funny to onlookers.  Going forward, I’ll be sticking to flamingo prints instead of the real thing.