10 Pretty Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

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Earlier this week, I reached a pretty amazing/shocking milestone.  There are actually 10,000 people out there who are (somewhat) interested in what I’m posting on Instagram!  I find so much happiness in styling and taking my Instagram photos, and it’s really incredible to me that I have received so much amazing support.  A huge thank you to everyone who is joining me on my Instagram journey.


There are so many stunning Instagram feeds out there, some very-well-known, some not-so-well-known.  I thought I would share some beautiful feeds with you that you may not already be following.  Each of these 10 gorgeous Instagram accounts has under 10,000 followers.  Trust me, it was no easy task narrowing down this list down to a mere 10 feeds.  I started with a list of 38, and somehow managed to bring it down to 10.  So, here they are, in no particular order.



1. @gabyburger.  I’m incredibly lucky to call this talented lady my friend.  Funny enough, Gaby and I actually met through Instagram and Twitter.  She posted a pic of Kate Spade polka dot sheets, I asked where she got them, we discovered we live across the street from each other, and the rest is history.  Her Instagram feed is as beautiful as she is (inside and out).





2. @munsterrose.  I have a weakness for beautiful flowers.  Who doesn’t, right?!  Well, I sure get my floral-fix through Jackie’s perfectly styled and creative photos.





3. @tenthousandthspoon.  Food photography at it’s most delicious.  Beautiful styling and mouth watering treats have me drooling over each photo.





4. @notes_from_monroe.  Color, color and more color is what you’ll find from Notes From Monroe.  Her home is as bright and colorful as her wardrobe.





5. @angeliaprsc.  Lacking color but certainly not style, Angelia’s Instagram feed features her love for black and white, her beautiful illustrations and modern style.





6. @mailmodels.  As a teenager, I use to collect stationery (and I still do, but to a much lesser extent), so I was so excited to find Erika’s feed.  It’s full of beautifully styled photos of her gorgeous collection of snail mail and stationery.





7. @lioninthewild.  Here you’ll catch a glimpse into the enviable life of Kiara, a fashion lover, style blogger and globe trotter.  Full of beautiful outfit and travel photography.





8. @dandymoon.  With a love for calligraphy, interiors and styling, Kristy showcases all of these talents in her beautiful photos.





9. @hey_im_kate.  A pretty mix of fashion and food, I’m always excited when I see Kate’s photos pop up into my Instagram feed.





10. @larkandlinen.  Last but certainly not least, Jacquelyn has a great eye for capturing a beautiful photo.  Her Instagram feed is one of my favorites for food and design photos, and overall inspiration.



I seriously could have gone on and on with this list.  A few more gorgeous Instagram accounts (with under 10,000 followers) that you must check out are: @erinireland, @leevosburgh, @lindseyherzog, @amberlica, @tiny_kittenn, @loveeashlyn, @stephanyayinda, @yolathorp and @saramueller.


Who are some of your favorite Instagrammer’s with fewer than 10,000 followers, or do you have a beautiful feed under the 10,000 mark?  Be sure to comment with your account and who you follow so we can all check them out.




Photo Fun

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with Instagram lately, and I thought I would share some of the photos I’ve taken with those of you not on the platform.  Back before I moved to Toronto (6 years ago this month…wow, how time flies), I was really into crafts, scrapbooking and making cards.  I love being crafty, and don’t get me started on the joy I get out of wrapping presents…it might just be my favourite thing to do.  Well, I have all of these craft supplies and figured if I didn’t have time to create things anymore, then I could at least use the materials as props and backdrops for some cute photos.  I’ve been having a blast taking these pics, and it totally satisfies my urge to get creative and crafty but without the time commitment.  I hope you enjoy these photos, and I hope you all have a great weekend!