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I’m so excited to share some photos of the beautiful jewellery I wore on our wedding day. With only two weeks to go before our special day, I was starting to get a little nervous that I hadn’t yet found the perfect pieces to wear. When we were vacationing in Vancouver, a friend suggested I check out the cutest little store called Jeweliette Jewellery, where the owner, Elsa Corsi, makes her own custom, hand-made crystal pieces. As soon as I walked in the store, I felt like I was in sparkle heaven.


The darling Elsa and her beautiful mother were both in the store when I stopped by. Both women were so sweet and lovely. They helped me select the perfect crystal pieces to go with my dress; a gorgeous hair piece, a stunning bracelet and a pair of sparkly earrings. I received so many compliments on my jewellery that day, and I know these are pieces that I will love and cherish forever.


Elsa also makes custom jewellery, however, I found the perfect pieces in her store, so I didn’t have to go that route. But I really do want to treat myself to a custom Elsa Corsi crystal piece in the future. I just love the thought of owning a unique piece of jewellery. Below are a couple of pics I took while visiting her store, and also a close up of the earrings I wore. I’ve also included a photo of an adorable cat taken in the courtyard leading out from her store. This beautiful cat hangs around Elsa’s shop, and it was such a picture perfect moment.


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Elsa Corsi Custom Jewellery

Elsa Corsi Custom Crystal Wedding Jewellery

Gorgeous White Cat