A Cupcake Tour of New York City

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New-York-City-Cupcakes-Magnolia Bakery


This is the last, and most mouth watering, batch of photos that I have left to share from my trip to New York City last month.  At first we thought it was a good thing that both Gaby and I loved cupcakes, until we quickly realized that neither of us has any will power when it comes to resisting these little bites of heaven.  In only 4 days, between the two of us, Gaby and I consumed a total of 13 cupcakes!  Some were better than others, but all were tasty.  Here’s a little recap of our New York City cupcake adventure.









Hands down my favorite cupcake of the bunch was from Georgetown Cupcake.  I ordered the Chocolate Banana cupcake, which I might dare say was maybe the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten.  The cake was extra moist, the icing was super creamy and the cake-to-icing ratio was just perfect.  Plus, the store was absolutely adorable, and I loved how they displayed their cupcakes.  If you only have the time (or willpower) to visit one cupcake spot in New York City, I highly recommend Georgetown Cupcake.





Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from our experience at Billy’s Bakery, but I can tell you that it came in at a very close 2nd, right behind Georgetown Cupcake, for my favorite cupcake spot in New York City.  Gaby and I both had a late night craving for cupcakes (surprise, surprise) and we were thrilled when we discovered that Billy’s Bakery was open until 11pm.  I ordered the Carrot cupcake and the Red Velvet, and both were Delicious with a capital D!  The more icing the better in my opinion, and Billy’s definitely goes heavy on the icing.  Another cupcake I highly recommend!









Magnolia Bakery is a must visit in NYC, but I have a slightly mixed review of my experience there.  We actually ate at Magnolia twice during our trip and went to 2 different locations.  Their spot in the West Village felt run down and neglected since the last time I had visited.  We were a little disappointed with presentation of the cupcakes in the store and the selection of flavors.  The cupcakes were tucked in the corner of the display and you actually had to contort your body around a big pillar to see some of the flavors.  I ordered the Hummingbird which was banana, pineapple and pecan cake topped with sweet cream cheese icing and toasted pecans.  Let me tell you, the cupcake definitely didn’t disappoint.  It was delicious.


Our 2nd visit to Magnolia was to the location north of Midtown, in the Bloomingdales.  This store was much prettier and well kept.  I ordered the Carrot cupcake, which of course, was delicious.  It’s not my favorite in the City, but I still definitely recommend Magnolia Bakery.







Baked by Melissa definitely wins the award for cutest concept.  They only serve mini cupcakes, and the Soho location we visited was just a pick up window on the street.  A fun idea, with even more fun flavors.  I ordered the Cookie dough, the Cream Cheese and Jelly (the flavor of the month) and the Chocolate Chip Pancake.  The flavors were spot on, and delicious, however the cupcakes themselves were much too sweet for my liking.  If you love extra sweet and sugary cupcakes, then you’ll love these, but I prefer something a little less sugary.  Tasty, but too sweet for me.





Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try the cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop, but we couldn’t resist taking a photo of their adorable sign!  Maybe next time.


I’d love to know where your favorite cupcake spots are in New York City, or even in your own City where you live.  I love to travel, and if I’m ever in your hometown, then I’d definitely love to know which cupcakes are the best-of-the-best!




A Little Taste of the Big Apple

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New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

A pretty postcard from the cutest paper store, Kate’s Paperie.


I recently realized that I hadn’t yet shared photos of my September trip to New York City, so here they are!  Gaby and I had such a wonderful visit to the Big Apple, and I really can’t wait to go back.  These photos showcase some of the highlights of our trip.  I had way too many cupcake photos to share, so those will be coming in another post.  I hope you enjoy!



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

View of the Empire Hotel sign, from it’s rooftop.


New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

I didn’t think I liked croissants until I ate the Brie, Fig and Walnut Stuffed Croissant from Tisserie . . . delicious!



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

Eataly is one of my fave spots to eat and visit in the City.  Think restaurant meets food court meets grocery store.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

The iconic Flatiron building in the beautiful mid-day light.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

What better place to purchase my first Diptyque candle than in the Diptyque store itself.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

Our handbags taking a break underneath the beautifully tiled counter at Eataly.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

My favorite window shopping store.  I think we stopped in every single Chanel boutique in the City.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

Gaby’s pretty Club Monaco skirt and J.Crew heels.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

If I ever were to ride a Vespa, which I won’t, but if I did, this would be it.



New York City Photos from Crazy Style Love

Obligatory cab selfie, on our way to the Herve Leger show that we didn’t end up seeing.  Long story here.