Editorial Love: Fantasy Island in Preview Magazine

Saturday, May 5, 2012 2 0

Photos via Fashion Media Philippines


I am a huge fan of magazines, especially the fashion and trashy tabloid variety (a guilty pleasure).  It’s not a far reach to say I might be addicted.  I am a current subscriber of 9 glossies (InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People Stylewatch, Marie Claire, Fashion, Lou Lou, US Weekly, and Vanity Fair) and usually buy W, Vogue, Women’s Health and Life & Style on the news stand.


I am a sucker for a beautiful fashion editorial.  I have a huge file folder full of ripped out fashion spreads and a file on my computer with images I love.  I came across this fashion editorial from Preview Magazine featuring model Valerie Weigmann and instantly became obsessed.  I love the vintage feel, giant props and pastel colors.  I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos as much as I do.