Living Room Progress Report + Small Space Sofa Find

Friday, December 2, 2016 0 0

Colorful Living Room, Gray Tufted Sofa, Picture Ledge Gallery Wall


I’m so excited to finally share with you the progress on our living room redecorating project. You may have seen my last couple of posts of our bedroom progress and our dining nook. After a very long 4 months of redecorating, all of our hard work is finally come together! Here is glimpse at our living space so far.


Now, I’ll preface this post by saying that almost all of the styling is going to change in the next month or so, ie. most of the photos on the wall (I’m waiting for new prints to come in), the pillows (can’t decide what fabrics I want), and the decor on the shelving unit beside the sofa (I have new items I want to display). But, all of the big ticket items are new and staying, like the sofa, coffee table, rug and shelves. It will be a couple more months before everything is complete, but I wanted to share some progress photos in the mean time, and share some info on the pieces in the space.


I should also offer a second post preface by saying that we rent our condo, and that we (obviously) live in a very small space….two things that can make decorating very tricky. It’s tough to decide which investment pieces to purchase that will hopefully fit in our next condo, and which pieces to save some money on because we don’t know if they’ll fit in our next space.


The hardest decision of all was definitely our selecting a sofa…..


Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

Small Space Condo Living Room Inspiration

Rugs USA Bosphorus BD07 Distressed Persian Rug Blue and White

Small Space Plus Tufted Gray Convertible Sofa


It took me literally 5 months to find our sofa. I had been looking since last January, and finally found the perfect sofa in May. I had a long list of criteria. I wanted a sofa that had…

  1. blue or gray material (I was thinking a beautiful, rich blue, or a looks-good-with-everything medium gray)
  2. tufting (our old sofa was not tufted, and I wanted this one to feel very different from our previous one)
  3. a sectional (we spend a lot of time on our sofa, and need the extra space when we both want to spread out)
  4. under 90″ wide (surprisingly, this is very hard to find, and it falls into the “apartment sofa size” category)
  5. not too expensive (we don’t know if this sofa will fit into our next condo, so we didn’t want to spend a fortune)
  6. most importantly, a sofa bed (we live in a 1 bedroom, and often have out-of-town guests stay with us)


After months and months of searching online, I was almost ready to give up, when I somehow came across the absolutely perfect sofa. It was from a store called Small Space Plus, in Toronto (located at 380 Alliance Ave, just north of the junction), that specializes in condo-sized furniture. I made Justin go to the store with me that same day to check it, and it was just perfect in person. The sofa is called the Valencia sofa, and it fit all of our criteria, including converting into a sofa bed and the critical requirement of being under 90″ (the Valencia is an ideal 84″ long”).  It came in a beautiful medium shade of grey, called Smoke Grey.


The team in the store was so lovely and wonderful to work with. They were very knowledgeable about their products and about small space limitations. We got to chatting, learned about each other, and decided to partner on a post for their website! Head over to the Small Space Plus site to check out my top picks from their store, and for a fun interview I did about small space living! I’m sure my fellow small space dwellers will be able to relate.


And…I’m so excited to share that those of you who shop my picks, including the Valencia sofa, can receive 15% off your purchase using code LOVE16! How fabulous!!!


Colorful Picture Ledges Gallery Wall above Sofa

Juliet Roses

Small Space Condo Living Room Decor inspiration

West Elm Marble Topped Brass Pedestal Table


Another purchase that was very difficult to find was our coffee table. I wanted a white marble table, it had to be round (because our space is small, and I knew we would be banging our legs on the corners of a square or rectangular table), and it had to be under 32″ (again, because of our space restriction. Most coffee tables seem to be much larger). I had been on the West Elm website a thousand times, and on the one thousand and one time, this beautiful marble and brass pedestal coffee table appeared. It was love at first site, and I knew this was the table I needed to own!


Small Space Plus Valencia Gray Tufted Sofa Bed Sectional

Here is the Small Space Plus Valencia sofa in the open, bed position.


Jo Malone Candle

Mid Century Modern Living Room Decor Inspiration

Sofa: Small Space Plus // Coffee Table: West Elm  //  Rug: RugsUSA  //  Pillows: Ikea (pink), Ikea (stripes), Lulu & Georgia (leaf print)  //  Tray: Homesense  //  Picture Ledges: Ikea


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our living space. Once our bedroom is complete (most likely in the New Year), I will definitely be sharing that too. Thanks for following along!




Bedroom Decor Sneak Peek

Monday, November 21, 2016 2 0

Bedroom Decor Inspiration, Ikea Hack Dresser My Overlays


I’m super excited to share a little sneak peek into our bedroom redecorating! It will probably be a month or two before it’s fully complete, but I wanted to share some of the sources, in case they sell out.


By far, the element of the room that I’m most excited for is the wallpaper. I decorated the entire room around this gorgeous black and white dalmation print. I searched and searched for the ideal paper for months, and finally came across the perfect one from Chasing Paper. My jaw dropped when I saw it, and I knew this was “the one”. We rent our condo, so temporary paper was a must, and Chasing Paper has the most gorgeous collection of peel-and-stick wallpapers.


My friends who have seen these photos have all asked how easy the paper was to install. Well, overall, it was incredibly easy. The paper comes in 2’x4′ sticker sheets, and you literally peel and stick it to the wall. The first sheet was very tricky for me to install. I had to remove and reapply like 30 times. However, by the 2nd sheet, it seemed to have magically gotten easier. And by the 3rd sheet (and for all of the rest), I applied them perfectly on my first try. They are really easy to install. It was just a matter of learning the technique. The paper has really transformed the room, and I couldn’t be happier.


I installed the paper on one wall in our bedroom. I put our dresser in front of the wall for these photos, however, once our bed arrives, I will put the bed in front of this focal wall. Speaking of our dresser….


Chasing Paper Speckle Peel and Stick Temporary Wallpaper


….I did a little IKEA hack for our dresser (which I will be replicating on our nightstands). I found this website, called O’verlays, which makes trim for IKEA furniture. It was super easy to glue onto the IKEA Hemnes dresser drawers. I added some brass CB2 hexagon knobs, and voilà!


I picked up all of the art from Minted, and these will most likely end up on the picture ledges we installed over our living room sofa. I also immediately fell in love with the beautiful shade of turquoise in our rug from RugsUSA. I purchased almost all of our rugs from RugsUSA, as the prices and selection can’t be beat. If you live in Canada, also has some great rugs and fantastic prices.



Minted Art Juniper Briggs Idalia

Lazy Susan Brass Iron Taper Wire Chair


Chasing Paper Dalmation Print Temporary Wallpaper

Minted Art Going for a Swim by Whitney Deal

Crosley Mint Record Player Turntable

Cobalt Blue Chanel Caviar Easy Handbag

Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser DIY hack

Wallpaper: Chasing Paper  //  Dresser: Ikea  //  Dresser Knobs: CB2  //  Dresser Trim: MyOverlays  //  Art: Minted (Palm Trees, Abstract Face, Swimmer, Pink Cactus)  //  Chair: Homesense (same chair at Candelabra)  //  Rug: RugsUSA  //  Record Player: Amazon  //  Lamp: Target  //  Flamingo: CB2


I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our bedroom. Later this week, I’ll be posting our dining nook, and early next week, I’ll share a portion of our living room. After 4 long months of decorating and making more decisions than I can count, it’s all finally starting to come together!