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The Grand Canyon





Old Town Scottsdale



Here are the last few photos from our Arizona trip that I wanted to share.  Well, I should say that these are the only photos that I can share because these are the only photos we took.  Neither Justin nor I ever remember to bring the camera with us, and when we do remember, we usually forget to use it.  Plus, Justin hates his photo being taken even more than I do, so you will probably notice that I’m the subject of most of the photos.


The first few pictures were taken at the Grand Canyon.  Our photos really do not capture the beauty and the magnitude of this natural wonder.  Visitors to the Grand Canyon have the option of driving, taking a shuttle or walking from viewpoint to viewpoint, so Justin and I took that opportunity to get in a little exercise, walking between most of the lookout spots.  Our walks were surprisingly serene and relaxing because we only passed a handful of other tourists on these trails all day.  There was something so serene and magical about just the two of us walking along the side of the Grand Canyon, with no one else in sight, feeling like we were the only two people in the world at that moment.  I will never forget how peaceful and stress-free I felt that day.


On our way back to Scottsdale from the Grand Canyon, we drove through Sedona.  Most of the drive was down hill on winding roads through the mountains.  Breathtaking is the only word to describe the scenery.  The photos above were taken in a little shopping area in Sedona that featured works and sculptures by local artists.  Sedona was simply stunning, and it felt like we were in a little town in Mexico, not in the United States.


Our trip to Arizona was so wonderful and memorable.  Looking back at these photos, feelings of relaxation and happiness instantly sweep over me, which is exactly what I need on this Monday morning to start my work week on a high note.  I hope you all are having a great start to your week too!